Where to sell used clothes?

MyClozet place to sell, swap, and buy clothes online for free

With economy taking downward turn, its always a good idea to make some extra cash. One way we could do so it by selling the used clothes.

In this article, I share some of the options that I use, to make money by selling used clothes or new clothes that I never wear. There are various ways that you can adopt to sell gently used clothes or new clothes.

1. Return to the store :

I clean my closet every week, that way I know about my recent purchase that hasn't been worn. I keep the receipt of my purchase. So, that its easy for me to return the item to the store. Keeping in mind the return policy of the store.

2. Sell It On FashionHaunt.com :

FashionHaunt place to sell and buy clothes from around the world. Best thing about FashionHaunt,
1.No Listing Fees.
2. List unlimited number of items for unlimited time.
Get paid directly to your PayPal Account.

3. MyClozet:

Its a user community where you can swap,sell, and buy used clothes and accessories for free. Its all for free and you can list as many item as you would like to.
Sell used clothes.

4. Sell it on ebay:

Ebay is the best place to sell your brand clothes given the fact that it service is not free, even if the item is not sold. Selling used clothes on ebay gives you lots of exposure ,since it has huge market.

5. Sell used clothes on Craigslist:

We can sell our clothes using free classified ads service provided by craigslist. The best thing about craigslist is that you can sell your clothes locally.


6. Swap:

People are adopting the old ways of swapping their clothes. Swapping clothes can be turned into a social activity by organizing swap party . It can be a great way to socialize and sell your item.


You can also donate your clothes at the salvation army. You can collect the receipt of your donation and use it to file your taxes. You can evaluate the values of your clothes by following the link below. How to donate clothes.

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